About Me

From the time I was a child, I've always been creative - drawing, crafting, embroidering, making. Though I enjoyed creating, the little voice in my head said that wasn't a place to make a career so I went hard left brain into engineering. Though I wouldn't trade the experiences I had in my first career, it wasn't fulfilling my creative side. The little voice told me to follow my dreams to architecture school. I left my job. I moved to Virginia. I found love. I learned many things in architecture school, but mostly that I needed a life of creativity. Though I didn't become an architect, I've been leading a creative life since. 

Why Smiling Cat Studio?

A smiling cat is happy and content with the world. I strive to be as happy and content as a smiling cat and for me, that means releasing my creative expression through art and illustration. 

Cats and their fellow members of the animal kingdom are endlessly fascinating. Their curiosity and personalities provide all sorts of opportunities for humor and whimsy. I hope you'll find this joy in all of my work!

My Goal

My goal is to make my living from art and illustration. While I've had an art-related Etsy shop since 2010, I got serious with a 2016 New Year's resolution to draw each day. I have drawn most every day since and posted that work on Instagram. Make Art That Sells, Creative Bug, the 100 Day Project, #ifdrawaweek, and the John C. Campbell Folk School have provided inspiration and instruction. 

Thanks for stopping by! Please contact me if you'd like to help me reach my goal!